Gifted & Talented Program

Our Gifted & Talented (G&T) Program is an enrichment program specifically designed to empower the learning capabilities of our students based on their individual strengths (e.g. level of pace, how they learn etc.). Based on periodic assessment and when students are ready, we will start to facilitate content that is more complex, varied, and avoids unnecessary repetition. The aim of the program is to engage students through numerous stimulating activities to help improve and develop their learning, analytical and critical thinking skills. 

The purposes of the G&T Program is to offer students with an opportunity to explore topics in a multiplicity of ways and engage in greater breadth and depth of learning. Pre & post tests will be done to allow students to explore and absorb topics in a shorter duration and advance more quickly and energetically, whereas some extended areas will then allow for autonomous and accountable learning experience.

Opportunity Class (“OC”) Preparatory Program

Commencing in Term 3 of Year 3, the OC Preparatory Program was specifically designed to focus on the areas of English, Mathematics and General Ability. Apart to these focus areas, students will learn to familiarize themselves with examination conditions, multiple-choice format questions, and trial tests.

Selective Preparatory Program

Commencing in Term 3 of Year 4 (after the OC exam), the Selective Preparatory Program focuses on the areas of English (reading and writing), Mathematics and General Ability. Standard lessons will be three hours per week. Starting in Term 1 of Year 5, students start to tackle selective-style questions and be familiarized with the style of the questions, as well as the speed and accuracy to finish within a set time period. By Term 1 of Year 6, students will be well-versed with examination questions and test conditions, having gone through simulated trial tests across the focus areas.

MBE will supplement each student with the appropriate level and amount of homework each week (if required), ranging from GA practice questions, vocabulary lists, Mathematics problems and basic skill drills, creative writing pieces etc.

Note on General Ability (“GA”)

GA is trainable, but requires time to build up, and is especially critical to OC and Selective tests. Students need to deal with a wide variety of questions in order to grasp the concepts, skills and clues to narrow down the strategies to tackle the problems in a given period of time with accuracy. 

Our General Ability (GA) Course is a unique course specifically designed to prepare students in advance of OC and Selective tests. For example through practice, students will learn to predict, infer/derive from reasoning, make generalizations, and hypothesize in order to see relationships, make associations, and recognise patterns in different situations. Key outcomes for this course include developing verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills, as well as tackling complex mathematical problems.