Developed from evidence-based practice, our Chinese Program is the first interactive and communicative approach towards learning Mandarin and Cantonese in Australia. When it comes to writing, we can teach Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters.

Designed for primary school students but available to early learners, our Program encompasses speaking, listening, writing as well as reading. Reading is one of the most important skill to learn at a young age. It opens the door for many other opportunities for learning within and outside of the classroom. Thus, it is important to develop your son/daughter’s ability to read whilst they are learning Chinese. At MBE, we provide a systematic way to learn Chinese reading, as well as all the materials to do so (including flash cards). After one year of learning Chinese at MBE, we have developed a reading scheme to assist in language building which will compliment with the weekly lessons. 

Our Chinese Program can accommodate students up to 14 years old.

Examples of Mandarin Performances

Examples of Cantonese Performances