The early years of learning and development can be critically important. Having said that, we believe that it is equally important to nurture the passion and attitude towards learning at a young age, as learning begins long before school commences. The Mind Builder Foundation Program was specifically designed with the outcome to enrich students so they can have the best start at school. In particular, the method of delivery is focused on critical thinking and a positive attitude towards learning, as opposed to direct teaching.

At a high level, early learners will encounter a range of activities aimed at developing their cognitive skills, literacy, fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and problem solving abilities. The Foundation Program was also designed to improve concentration span, memory, and train students to ‘think on their feet’. The courses offered under the Foundation Program are as follows:

  • Cognitive Stars;
  • Math Bee;
  • Literacy Genius; and
  • Fun to Read.

The Foundation Program is suitable for students ranging from 2 to 5 years old, and is precursor to the Primary Program. As per all MBE Programs, we value and adhere to an evidence-based practice, and are committed to continuously improving our curriculum to best prepare young learners for school. 


“Thank you for another productive and instructive year. Our children enjoy and look forward to attending classes (Foundation and Mandarin) every Saturday. They continue to make excellent progress under your teaching and guidance.
Our son started Year 1 this year and is performing well in school! Attending MBE in his formative years has helped prepare him for the large challenges at school.

Our daughter is in pre-school this year and is adjusting well with the transition to the “school” environment. She has grown in confidence and is more attentive in her lessons.

As parents, it is very encouraging to see our children well prepared and coping with the transition to school. Thank you also for the guidance and valuable advice given to us parents. They help us understand the learning styles of our children better, and equip us with the right “tools” to help them further along in their studies.”

– Mr. & Mrs. Poon

“Our son Brian has changed a lot since he started at MBE several months ago at the beginning of the year. He has become more confident, more concentrated and learning more from school also. The school teacher said Brian’s reading level of 3 at the start of term 1 built up to level 11 in term 3 (the whole kindergarten just requires up to level 8). What a surprise! Thank you again for your teaching.”

– Mr. & Mrs. Zeng