Our Primary Program has been designed to be compatible with the school curriculum and as always, the MBE training methodology forms the foundation of our courses. Each course can be catered for advance learning and individual support – our aim at this stage of the learning journey is to equip and empower students to take charge of their intellectual growth and academic success. Our core Primary Program courses include: English, Mathematics (and Problem Solving), and Newton.

English Course

Our holistic English Program was designed with the aim to improve our students’ overall English skills including but not limited to vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and writing.

In addition to weekly lessons, our creative writing class for Years 3-6 was designed to challenge students to express and articulate themselves through different writing styles and forms.

Mathematics Course

Our Mathematics Program has been described by a past parent through the analogy of a wise builder laying a firm foundation and constructing the framework that provides structure, strength, shape and space for further development. At MBE, these frameworks are formed on Mathematical concepts in numeracy and computation and we compliment these frameworks with various problem-solving skills to make mathematics knowledge more practical and applicable in school work and public competitions (e.g. ICAS). 

We are strong believers that different strategies can be explored and applied when it comes to problem solving, and our curriculum has been designed accordingly. Our teachers also observe and analyse student work to promptly pick up and correct error patterns and bring about improvement. 

Newton Course

Our Newton Course is an unique program that was created with the aim to teach students higher-order thinking skills: reading, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating. In particular, one of the key learning outcomes of this course is that students learn to think critically and logically based on facts and observations. Entry assessment is a required unless the student has graduated from the Mind Builder Foundation Program.


“Our son loves attending Mind Builder Education every week. He is always eager to learn something new and to solve new challenges.

At home, he’s reciting the times tables to me, teaching me how to spell new words and writing stories in his journal. He’s been so inspired here at MBE and we are so grateful for his newfound attitude towards learning and life.

His school performance has greatly improved and he has been enjoying the school content more and more. At the beginning of the year, he was reluctant to write anything but after attending MBE, his imagination has been unleashed! he loves to write new stories and he has taken a growing interest in reading.

He is growing to be more confident in his work because of the constant support from the MBE teachers and staff. We thank you for your kindness and heart to serving the students.”

– May & Jacob

“Teachers at Mind Builder are good at observing, assessing the individual student of their level, and providing the appropriate level of difficulty of work. This is obvious with the constant assessment and awards. At other tuition places, every student is given the same level of difficulty of work”

– Mrs. Ang